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I began my jewelry making journey in 2014.  My interest in science and love of nature has influenced my work.  Many of the pieces I create are inspired by nature.  Although I have taken a variety of jewelry making classes locally, I am largely self taught.  I enjoy learning and experimenting with new techniques.  My science background has enabled me to appreciate and fairly easily grasp the many technical aspects of jewelry making.

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If you are still reading this at this point... please return periodically to my website and Etsy shop to see what I am up to, as I will likely be trying new techniques.

Throughout this time I had not ignored my creative side, but the scope of my creative endeavors were limited.  As I began to face the realization that I needed to step back from the practice of medicine, I found myself drawn to doing something that stimulated my creativity.

After completing a rigorous treatment regimen, I am currently, very gratefully, cancer free.  I was not, however, very quick to listen to my body and its changes.  I returned to the practice of medicine.  Over the next seven years, I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of my profession.

Sandra Elfering

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In my mid 20's,  my love of science and work experience led me into the medical profession.  

At age 38 my life took an unexpected turn.  I was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer.  I was very fortunate to have excellent doctors; and supportive colleagues, friends, and family.                    
As I entered the school years, I became a very studious individual.  While in college at Cornell University, I specialized in the life sciences.  One of my favorite courses was the study of fungi, or mushrooms.  No...not because of some of their psychotrophic effects.  I was totally awed by their many shapes, colors, textures, and amazing survival tactics.                      

After college, I spent several years working in the pharmaceutical industry; and several years in Boston in a basic science research laboratory.

I was told as a youngster that I had a very good sense of color.  My mother fostered this talent by enrolling me in art classes at a local cultural center  Thanks to my Mom, I still have some of the art projects I created from these lessons.                   

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